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Engineering machinery parts control has become an important leverage to win

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Construction machinery industry in China through several years of development, fought out of a path of independent development, and gradually develop and grow, gradually occupy the domestic market share at the same time, also with excellent price advantage, began to cut a striking figure in the international market, showing a good momentum of development. Affected by the financial crisis, construction machinery enterprises rely on the development way of the scale of victory has been more and more applied.

Summarize the development trend of China's construction machinery industry, the main characteristics of the following five aspects. The average annual growth rate of China FAI over the past twenty years is 20%, in this circumstance, the past ten years, the average annual growth rate of the construction machinery industry reached 17%. Compared with foreign products Chinese engineering machinery production has obvious price advantage, China price is only about 60% of the foreign price, after open up domestic enterprises in export channels, Chinese products show a strong international competitiveness. There are still some factors affecting the development of construction machinery industry, the introduction of the 2009 at the crucial moment, grasp the development trend of the industry characteristics, more conducive to achieving the overall speed.

The rise of the construction machinery industry, cannot do without the rapid growth of domestic fixed asset investment opportunities. In the fixed assets investment, engineering machinery demand to maintain rapid growth. The inevitable result of industrialization and city is driven by the rapid growth of investment in fixed assets, the next ten years Chinese investment in fixed assets to maintain an average annual growth rate of 20%, this time is still the engineering machinery the golden period of development, a huge market for the domestic construction machinery industry to provide an excellent external environment.

In 1975, America geographer Nossem was discovered through research on the change of the proportion of the total population accounted for each country city population, city of the whole process is a process of S curve, according to the historical experience and the basic rule, before GDP8000 dollars per capita and city rate of 70%, the fixed assets investment in a period of rapid growth. Chinese current per capita GDP and city rate is about $2700 and 45%, if GDP to maintain an average annual growth rate of 9%, to achieve GDP8000 dollars per capita rate of 70% and the city also needs 12 years.

The global construction machinery market is about $180000000000, China occupies about 15% market share, for the construction machinery enterprise China speaking, the future market space is very big; Caterpillar experience tells us: the balanced development of overseas market and the local market will help to resist the single market economic fluctuations impact on product sales, in America 1929-1932 two years and 1974-1975 years of economic recession, is the overseas market to help them resist the risk.