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The first half of China's machinery parts developed well

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  According to the statistical data of industries and enterprises, and analyze the relevant national statistics, the total output value of the first half of 2014 general machinery parts industry was 164000000000 yuan, an increase of 5.8%., the spring gear transmission coupling, powder metallurgy, four professional good development trend, fasteners, a chain of two professional development is relatively weak. The first half of 2014 general machinery parts industry in automotive equipment, rail transportation, aerospace, ship navigation, robot manufacturing equipment for the development of better host drive, realize the stable development of the industry. The host equipment industry and the development of better ties to the supporting enterprise, its product orders basically can meet the production requirements by September, and general business orders are less. On the other hand, the enterprises brand influence, transformation and upgrading of the structure of early, stable product quality of enterprise products more abundant orders, orders for products and general business development momentum is weak.

  The first half of the industry's overall export has a strong development, import and export volume reached US $16250000000, an increase of 14.9%. the total imports of $9798000000, an increase of 17.3%; exports amounted to $6453000000, an increase of 11.3%, to achieve two digit growth. The import volume growth, mainly by the various gears in professional driven by substantial growth in imports, the first half of the gear imports amounted to $7410000000, an increase of 19.5%, and occupied the industry's total imports 75.6%; professional fastener imports amounted to $1690000000, an increase of 14.8%; imports of professional spring the amount of $290000000, an increase of 13.1%; and the chain transmission coupling two professional imports up negative, respectively -1.8% and -3.9%. in total exports, gear professional contribution is still ranked first in the industry, its exports of $2840000000, an increase of 16.4%; exports fasteners for professional 2420000000 dollars, an increase of 5.3%; exports of professional chain for $740000000, an increase of 9.8%; exports of professional spring was $160000000, an increase of 10%; transmission link professional export amounted to $270000000, an increase of 23.6%, is the industry's largest professional export growth.

  The first half of 2014 the economic operation of machinery general parts industry development is relatively stable, the development trend of import and export performance is strong, overall development trend better than the same period last year. But between the professional and the enterprise development is not balanced, still need to adhere to the positive development of attitude, serious situation, continuous efforts to develop the product market. At the same time, but also to adhere to independent innovation, adjust product structure, improve product quality, promote green manufacturing technology, to promote the orderly development of enterprise transformation and upgrading.